Whiia pioneers in integrating smart technologies into business solutions for the music industry

Providing solutions to a diverse range of artists around the world to develop more beneficial relationships with their following and to move forward with confidence and clarity. Developing an ecosystem based on genuine cross-cultural engagement with the global community, at the heart of which is the artist.

Whiia who we are

Whiia providing consulting services and bespoke solutions to music artists, management and music companies.

Aiming at customer satisfaction through the sheer joy of finding the right solution, delivering it and to provide value and improve your bottom line. Allowing you to focus on developing your artists, saving you expensive human resources and helping you get better decisions faster.

While we pride ourselves on fast and accurate responses to customer questions and problems, we provide a personal point of contact, to enable you to find answers and resolve problems more easily. We will assign a member of our team who is familiar with the specifics of your artists and the services we offer you, to stay in touch with you and act as a first point of contact on our end.

Why us?

Enable artists to connect directly with their fans.
Living in a world tied to the laws of physics, the law of cause and effect, means that whenever we make a decision or take an action, there is an anticipated effect of that cause, and when the right circumstances appear we experience that effect.

We take pride in our believes and we take responsibility for our actions.

Always aiming to deliver the highest possible value – to the world, to our customers, to our colleagues, and to ourselves.

Using transparent procedures and work-flows, making everybody visible and accountable to each other, enabling everybody to get recognized for their achievements and rewarded accordingly.