Whiia pioneers in integrating smart technologies into business solutions for the music industry

Providing solutions to a diverse range of artists around the world to develop more beneficial relationships with their following and to move forward with confidence and clarity. Developing an ecosystem based on genuine cross-cultural engagement with the global community, at the heart of which is the artist.

Supporting your organization through IT-driven strategy and planning innovation, allowing your artist and their communities to maintain autonomy and transform existing value chains into sustainable ecosystems, offering a complete solution and flexible pricing models that take into account the geo-political and economic context of your audience.

Brand Strategy and Positioning Innovation + Digital Engagement Planning Competitive/Comparative Analysis
Communication Strategy Media Research, Analysis Metrics Definition, Measurement, Analysis and Optimization
Business Requirements and Planning Media Planning Product Design and Development
Consumer Insights Brand Experience Design Account Planning and Management
Persona Development Social Media Strategy
Pioneering brand communications practices, delivering effective, high-impact creativity at a worldwide scale, and in any media format, from mass-market traditional to leading-edge digital. Understanding the new realities about your global audience that doesn’t behave according to traditional segmentation, that can’t be defined by age, nationality or income, striking the perfect balance of creativity and innovation.

Branding and Brand Destinations Social Marketing Programs Email and CRM Marketing Campaigns
Integrated Campaigns and Platforms “Oomph” Concept Platforms Rich Media and Banner Development
Corporate Social Responsibility Live Event Experiences Interactive Campaign Platforms:
Viral, Contests, Polls, Sweepstakes, Surveys and Leaderboards
Extracting useful information from your data, finding new information and previously unrecognized relationships to add value to your fans through interactive data visualization for better analysis and faster decisions. Providing you with analytics services for data mining, text mining, forecasting, and statistics to help you analyse key variables and relationships from your data, leading to faster and better decision making.

Data and Text Mining Forecasting Reporting
Data Visualisation Benchmarking Statistics
Data Cleansing and Enrichment Visualization Data Federation
Engineering communities by using interventions that foster a sense of belonging and of unique purpose, conceptualizing customer dialog management, building global fan-based brand equity and improving the brand experience. Ensuring consistency and frequency, with engaging relevant content strengthening the relationship between fan satisfaction and loyalty, and in turn, improving a return on investment.

Community Management Data Mining Video Content Production
Campaign Development and Execution Conversation Monitoring Application Development
Influencer Outreach Social Analytics Editorial Management
Planning, designing, developing and implementing brand destination sites and campaign microsites, e-commerce solutions, and complex web-based internet applications, through content management systems (CMS) to enable non-technical people to make changes without having technical knowledge, providing inherent support for cross-platform compatibility for both mobile and desktop business and usability requirements.

Website Design and Implementation Self-Service, Support and E-commerce sites Content Management System Design and Implementation
Brand Marketing and Destination Sites Product Launch and Campaign Microsites Website Performance Optimization
Representing the aesthetics of your artist, enhancing audience satisfaction and loyalty by improving the usability, ease of use, and pleasure provided in the visual communication. Structuring and organizing the information in your products and services, supporting usability and findability to conceptualize design that matches user expectations through contextual interfaces.

Brand Identity and Messaging Advertising Design Customer Experience Modeling
Content Strategy Visual Design Motion Graphics and Video Production
Concepting and Content Development Interaction Design Print, Packaging and POS
Information Architecture User Interface Design